955 Angel Number

Angel Number 955! 

Choo Choo!


Do you find yourself working on a project or are you in a relationship that is stopping and starting all the time? OR, have you overcome those challenges and find that your project/relationship is going better than you had dreamed?

If so, Angel Number 955 is a good representation of the challenges and triumphs you may have experienced.

First, it’s important to start with a breakdown of the components of Angel Number 955. The 9 in Angel Number 955 can signify a conclusion or closure, like the end of a relationship or the closing of a chapter in your life. At its best, number 9 is all about give and take. It reminds us that the best way to “get ahead” is to help others get ahead too.

Five is a dynamic number.

It represents change and expansion. It is not a number that likes to work on goals. Five is all about experiences and living in the moment. The double 5’s in 955 amplify this sentiment. Add them together and you get ten. If you reduce ten to its essence, you get one, which is a goal oriented and driven number. Adding 9 and 5 gets 14, the components of which when added together equal 5- more experiences and life in the moment.

“All aboard the 955 Angel Express! Next stop…no one knows.”

It’s helpful to think of Angel Number 955 like a train. Though the cars are connected, they don’t always move together at the exact same time when stopping and starting. The fives want to go go go but the nine is like “Hold up, not so fast, there is someone sleeping on the tracks!”. This dynamic could lead to internal conflict or, it could mean a a great and satisfying expansion. The key is for the driven fives to listen to the heart-guided nine, which is the one who is really leading the way in 955 Angel Number.

But when the train gets rolling, my oh my! Angel Number 955 is a dynamic force to be reckoned with!

Angel 955 is well suited for creative philanthropic endeavors, like devising new ways to help people. If you can navigate the challenges and find a balance,  the rewards could be tremendous.



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