Law of attraction

It’s Time to Level Up Your Manifesting. 

Here’s what can help.

In this chaotic world, we sometimes can’t help but find ourselves living out of focus, i.e. not manifesting what we want-or worse-manifesting too many things we don’t want. If this resonates with you, it might be time to consider tools that may assist in more efficient and effective attraction of your desires. The tools  below have helped countless others. Why not you?


Use frequencies for manifesting.

Certain sounds can be beneficial to health and personal vibration. Science is beginning to validate the benefits of sound, benefits that have been both lost in time and hidden from the general population. Are you familiar with the 432hz conspiracy theory? The full theory is beyond the scope of this article but 432Hz is said to be a very healthy frequency and linked to lowering blood pressure, enhancing mood and mental clarity and unlocking intuition. It used to be the standard concert pitch before that was switched to 440hz, which is said to lack the benefits of 432Hz.

“Eventually, musical therapists will compose prescriptions after the manner of a pharmacist… – Dr. Ira Altschuler (1942)”

It is easier to feel good and be in the flow of what it is that you desire when you have “high vibes”. Beyond listening to music played at 432hz, there are many types of sounds that can help put you in a good state for manifesting. Enter binaural beats. Binaural beats work by sending two different tones which are not more that 40hz apart into either ear. This creates an auditory illusion in the brain, better known as binaural beats. The brain’s neurons begin to fire in lockstep with these beats, resulting in positive effects.

Proper use of binaural beats is linked to greater focus, improved confidence, lower anxiety and attainment of “flow states”. Flow states are typified by productivity and ease of being. Desired outcomes come naturally.

The best evidence of positive effects of this type of therapy is in alleviating symptoms of ADHD. If it can help calm your mind, it stands to reason that your manifestation powers may get a healthy boost as well.


Try burning bay leaves.

Sounds a bit odd and maybe even voodoo-y? Well, many people around the world swear by this simple but powerful manifestation ritual. There is a chemical compound in bay leaves called linool that seems to have a calming, anti-anxiety benefit. The effects of this compound have been studied in lab rats who were more sociable and more prone to leave their nesting areas. While there are many variations on the ritual of burning bay leaves for manifesting, the basic process goes like this- you write an intention or a desire on a bay leaf with a fine point marker. You then hold an end of it in either your fingers or with a clip of some sort and light the other end on fire.

A dry bay leaf will crackle and emit a somewhat pleasant smoke. Let the smoke waft around you while you access the feeling of having already attained what it is that you want. Our interpretation- this process of manifesting by consciously identifying what you want and symbolically letting go or destroying a representation of it is a powerful way to call what you want into being. On the other hand, obsessing over something says to the universe “This thing that I want is very very special.” The universe obliges this energy by keeping the object of that desire very special and rare.”

Just take care that you don’t accidentally manifest an unwanted visit from your local fire department!

Bonus tip: use an abalone shell to catch the bay leaf ash. Said to add an extra charge to your manifesting.


Manifest with moldovite.


Could moldovite be your anti-kryptonite?

One of the tips is on using crystals in general but moldovite deserves its own special mention. Moldovite is a tektite glass-or glass formed from the impact of an asteroid. It the product of one such collision about 15 million years ago in what is now Central Europe. Moldovite is among the most powerful crystals when it comes to healing and clearing properties. People who first touch this often report a tingling in their fingers which radiates through their body especially into their chest and face, creating a facial flush effect.  Take caution when using this other-worldly substance. As for manifesting with moldovite, practitioners will often gaze at it while meditating. Moldovite’s translucence makes it an excellent conduit to nature and to one’s higher-self.


Read or listen to books on manifesting and the law of attraction.

This is one you probably already know. If reading or listening to books is your thing, this is a great way to develop and stay in a mindset that serves you in your manifesting. Some of the most recommended are the Abraham Hicks books, books by Neville Goddard, Joe DiSpenza and David Hawkins. Warning! When reading or listening to them, it’s important to be aware of how they make you feel. If what you are reading or listening to doesn’t make you feel good, then you should try other materials that you might find more agreeable.


Use crystals for manifesting.

Check out citrine, white quartz, rose quartz, hematite and tiger eye for starters. Read up on them and find what resonates with you. With the exception of white quartz, which is considered a blank slate crystal that takes on whatever energy is near, all are said to have beneficial qualities that will help in the manifesting of certain things or events or just to help your mind/ body to prepare you to receive what you want to manifest.

white quartz


rose quartz

Above all, the biggest tips to manifesting what you want in life is to keep yourself in as high of a vibrational state as you can.

Stay in this state as much as possible. Focus on what you desire. The collection of consciousness known as Abraham recommends focusing on your desire for 16 straight seconds in a relaxed state Don’t obsess though. Let it go, knowing that you already have the vibrational essence of it with the physical manifestation of it on its way.

Keep things light and have fun!  A focus on lack keeps an energetic barrier from yourself and whatever it is that you do want. Easier said than done, we know. But with concerted effort you can build positive momentum that will attract positive events into your life.

Happy manifesting!


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