What Are Angel Numbers? Life Path Numbers?


A car delivering angel numbers has to pull over (again) because a certain Angel Number who shall remain nameless has an overly active bladder.

What are Angel Numbers?

Do you notice the frequent appearance of certain numbers, especially repeating ones like 111 and 444? Do you often find yourself  waking up and seeing 3:33 on your phone? You may be experiencing communications from angels in the form of angel numbers. So what are Angel Numbers? Well, for starters, Angel Numbers are actually just regular numbers. The “Angel” part comes with the belief that numbers carry meaning beyond their face value. They are to be interpreted as external messages from your guardian angels/higher self.

Every Number is an Angel Number but the most popular ones are repeating numbers like 1111, 333, 222, 444 and so on. Each Angel Number has its own unique signature and resonance. In general, Angel Numbers and Numerology are the same but different. 

A Little about Numerology

Angel Numbers are an offshoot  of the field of numerology. Numerology is a field of esoteric study which claims that each number has its own vibrational significance.  Numerology goes back to at least 500 BC when Greek mathematician Pythagorus determined that there was a relationship between musical notes and numbers. The field has expanded  into subcategories such as Angel Numbers and Life Path numbers. 

A Life Path Number characterizes the course of a person’s life and personality. A life path number is found by taking the digits of a birthday, adding them up and reducing them to a single digit. For example to find the life path of someone born on September 23rd 1979, we first take the month, which is nine and not divisible.

So we have 9. Then we add the digits of the day together and we get 5 because 2+3=5.  Next we add the digits in the year, so 1+9+7+9=26

Then we add the 2 plus the 6 and we get 8. Finally, we add all three  of our digits together, so 9+5+8=12. Then we add the components of 12 together so 1+2=3.

To help understand Angel Numbers and Life Path Numbers, it is helpful to first understand what the building blocks are and what they mean. 

Single digit numbers are the building blocks of numerology.

They also comprise the basic life paths.

#1. Strengths: independent, goal oriented, driven to succeed adaptable. Weaknesses: stubbornness and afraid to fail

#2. Strengths: balance, visionary, constructive, unifying. Weaknesses: easily wounded, indecisive, lacking will

#3. Strengths: creative, charismatic, excellent communicator. Weaknesses: naivety, shallowness, lacking focus

#4. Strengths: pragmatic, true, service oriented. Weaknesses: myopic, uncompromising.

#5. Strengths: inquisitive, adaptable, outgoing. Weaknesses: lacking commitment, unreliable, aimless

#6. Strengths: loyal, protective, amorous. Weaknesses: passivity, naivety, a tendency toward martyrdom

#7. Strengths: spiritual, inquisitive, objective. Weaknesses: hermetic tendencies,  untrusting

#8.Strengths: reciprocal, tough, achievement oriented. Weaknesses: expectant, materialistic, dismissive

#9. Strengths: “Awake”, service-oriented, tolerant. Weaknesses: spiteful, self-sacrificing, expectant of hardship

Master Numbers

Master Numbers are the rarest of Life path numbers. All Master Numbers are Angel Numbers (In fact all numbers are angel numbers, even the infamous 666. ) But not all Angel Numbers are Master Numbers.

Master numbers are held in high regard. They are rare and powerful.  The phrase “to he who much has been given, much is expected,” certainly applies  to the master numbers. But perhaps the best way to view master numbers is just as magnified versions of their base numbers.

Those whose life paths include master numbers have a lot of gifts but also a lot of responsibility to use them to the best of their abilities. Accordingly, those with master number life paths often experience great difficulties and obstacles early on in their lives. This adversity should not be seen as punishment but as a process of strengthening them early so they are poised to make the most of their gifts later in life. If they aren’t grounded, it is easy for people who have a master number in their personality makeup to live lives that fall short of their promise.

Master Number 11

The first master number is eleven. Eleven obviously pairs two number ones so it has the one energy of drive and purpose balanced out with another numeral one. It carries the energy of the number two as well, because 1+1=2. Number two adds a visionary quality alongside cooperation. For master numbers 11,22 and 33 they can be boiled down to their core or stand on their own. Here are some of the qualities of Master Number 11.

This is a very spiritual number bringing with it an abundance of gifts to share with the world.

The Dalai Lama has a life path of 22. Here he is (robed) shaking hands with people who are NOT the Dali Lama. But they also kinda are the Dali Lama since separation is an illusion and we are all one. Amirite?

Master Number 11 has a clear connection to higher wisdom.

Those possessing it have an opportunity to impact the world in major ways. Master Number 11 carries with it the attributes of a great listener and a gifted leader.

The core of this is number two, so it incorporates the builder energy. Master number 11 super charges the number two’s sense of balance and cooperation and takes it to another level with the addition of the spiritual connection.

Tony Robbins the motivational speaker/ life coach has a life path of 11. Here he is being blurry and seated next to some giant heads.

Master Number 22

Master number 22 doubles the intensity of master number 11. It is the most powerful master number. However clear 11’s connection to higher powers, Master Number 22 has even more of it plus the two number twos. These twin turbo twos give Master Number 22 the power of creativity and creation and limitless possibility. Those who have 22 as a life path must take care to properly harness their power and use it for the benefit of not only themselves but the world at large. What the Master Number 22 does and says carries quite the echo through space and time. Master Number 22 is a number of a true builder and leader with a heart for humanity and a desire to serve.

Master Teacher, Master Number 33

Famous inventor Nicola Tesla stated, “If only you knew the magnificence of the 3,6 and the 9, you would have a key to the universe.”  It is no coincidence that 33 is regarded by many as the ultimate Master Number, aka the Master Teacher number. Jesus was 33 years old when he was crucified.

Master Number 33 combines the prior two Master Numbers 11 and 22. Those with the 33 life path are very rare and usually live a life devoted to helping to uplift humanity by sharing their wisdom in an altruistic way. Look at the number six, the reduction of 33.  Six expressed in its highest form is a loving, loyal protector.  Master Number 33 is a supercharged, world shaking version of that six.

Albert Einstein had a 33 Life Path. You know him as a genius thinker. But did you also know that he was a ladies’ man? If the demands from all the babes chasing him got to be too much he could just escape via his little sailboat. This facsimile of his head has no choice but to receive all the action coming his way.


While knowing  the basics of numerology makes Angel Numbers more enjoyable and easier to understand, it is not necessary. Angel Numbers are taken as signs and messages from our angels or as come claim, our higher selves. Angel Numbers are seen as gentle, loving messages of encouragement. They can also urge caution or make a push to find clarity and peace within. Angel numbers can serve as a path to a spiritual practice by helping us to better realize the connection between our inner and outer worlds.

Here’s an example explanation of Angel Number 222

222 contains the power of 2 and the master builder number 22. Angel Number 222 represents balance, manifestation and new opportunities. 222 calls us to remain balanced and to focus on positivity and gratitude. Trust that even though things may not seem to be working out according to your plans, spirit is ultimately working everything out for the highest good of all.

As part of the builder aspect, 222 encourages you in the knowing that your hard work and visions are bearing fruit. With faith and a positive attitude, you can relax knowing that this good energy will be returned to you in ways that may be unexpected and rewarding.

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