Angel Number 47

The Meaning of Angel Number 47

Honoring perseverance

If you seem to be constantly seeing Angel Number 47,  congratulations!  47  honors your perseverance toward achieving your goals and your willingness to carry on in the face of adversity.

Breaking down 47

The 4 in 47 represents loyalty, practicality and productivity. The 7 represents spirituality and objectivity. Added together they equal master number 11, a very spiritual number with a clear connection to higher wisdom. If you see 47  repeatedly it may mean that your attempts to expand spiritually and in wisdom are being recognized. Self-restraint is a key part of wisdom and Angel Number 47 is a very good reinforcer of this.

Take a step back and observe the world’s actions and your reactions. Doing so will help you have more control over your actions and as a result  what energies are likely to return to you.

So What Does Angel Number 47 Mean for You?

Maybe it’s time to start that business?

Angel Number 47 is a nod toward the adversity you’ve overcome and/or the trials you may currently be experiencing. It is also is a recognition that these things are temporary. Lean on your family, friends and guardian angels for support. Your instincts will not let you down. If you are interested in beginning to work in a spirituality-based profession or to start a spirituality-based business, 47 is a good omen for success.

Put in the work. Follow your intuition. Do these things and you will see good rewards for yourself and your clients.

Even though you have the power of angels at your side, they can’t do everything for you. What they can offer is guidance and loving support.  Set small, reachable goals for your business and they will be by your side cheering you on and giving you little nudges where appropriate on your entrepreneurial journey.






The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom pairs well with Angel Number 47.

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