505 Angel Number

Angel Number 505

There are Angel Numbers that are encoded with purely happy messages of love and support. Angel Number 505 is a little different.  What we are dealing with here is an Angel Number that could be called a spiritual “kick in the pants,” so to speak. If you see 505 it may be a sign from your angels to buckle up. Things have gone off the rails or they might soon do so.

Even if neither of these things is true, 505 is a notice to prepare for change so it is time to stop and take a look at your life from a place of objectivity and take stock of all that you are grateful for.

We sometimes reach professional spiritual and relationship highs that invite the ego to creep in and take over. Too much ego leads to calcification, stagnation and blind spots. Angel Number 505 is a sign to recognize this happening and to let go of ego attachment.

Angel Number 505: “Let go Already!”

Go within. Be honest.

Angel Number 505 calls you to stop what isn’t serving you and to silence those aspects of you that put you into those positions in the first place. Feel into what spirit is offering as you undertake an honest self-assessment.  Most go their entire lives without ever undergoing an honest personal audit and those in the spiritual community are no exception.

The more you practice the art of going within, the better you understand yourself and the less you fall prey to tricks of the ego. Angel Number 505 asks you to face your fears and venture into the unknown. This can be scary but it can also be rewarding.

You could think of 505 as a harbinger of a trial from which you will advance or remain where you are. It embodies the eternal learning process. Sorry if you thought you were done with school!

Angel Number 505 deconstructed

A powerful palindrome. 

The 5’s in 505 represent change. 505 is a palindrome. 505 is written the same way flipped around. These number 5’s  surround the powerful zero. Angel Number 505 is a spiritual force to be reckoned with.

Adding the number fives in 505  brings us to ten. When we add the one and the zero of ten, we go back to one. The one under-girds this number with a beautiful complimentary energy of forward motion. The number one helps propel us into the next stage of our progression.

How to work with Angel Number 505

Focus. The universe has your back.

You are also extremely powerful. You are so powerful that you can make yourself powerless if you so choose. You can cloud up the bigger picture with the chaos of unfocused energy leading to confusion and the trap of a victim-hood mindset if things go too far.

It might be easy to worry if  you keep seeing 505. Try not to. Lean into it and try to transmute any negative emotion or anxiety surrounding 505 or your situation into excitement about the road ahead. Remember that ultimately everything will work out for you. You can make your experience easier and more fun by adopting a light approach to life.

Create a space of calm and relax knowing the universe has your back. 

When feeling anxious or flustered, focus on your breath and be aware that you are a being of pure light that just happens to be wearing a biological costume at this moment in space-time. Never worry because you’ve got this and your angels have got you!

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